Membership Agreement

By enrolling in SmartPath you agree to the terms below.

These terms are designed to benefit us both, so we can each experience the best possible results.

We've written these terms to be straightforward and easy to understand.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us - (800) 926-5905

1 | Payment
You must make your Monthly Access payment to access your SmartPath member training, implementation support, and tools, and portal. If your membership includes an initial "Enrollment Fee", you must pay for continued access to the SmartPath Portal each month to maintain an active membership. The amount of your Monthly Access fee will be based on the membership level you choose.

One-Time Enrollment Payment
Your one-time enrollment payment is indicated on the checkout page when enrolling in a SmartPath membership. Your one-time Enrollment payment is non-refundable *EXCEPT* for under the terms of our Refund Guarantee policy outlined below.

Continued Access
If you would like to continue having access to the SmartPath Portal and Support, you will pay a monthly fee indicated on the checkout page when you enroll. You can cancel your continued access payment at any time by contacting us at [email protected] or by any contact method listed on our website. 
Continued Access Fees are completely non-refundable in any part (whole or partial).

2 | What Your Payment Gets You
Your payment grants you active status as a SmartPath Member. As an active member, you gain access to specialized training, resources, & support for tax, accounting, & financial professionals. 
We reserve the right to edit, change, and provide substitute components as part of your SmartPath membership at any time. Any changes made will be designed around the best interest of SmartPath members and will be focused on helping you achieve the best possible results.

3 | Refund Guarantee
We proudly stand behind the potential results you can achieve by utilizing the training, resources, and support accessed through your membership. 

We want you to be successful and we will do everything in our power to help you achieve your goals.

If you follow the SmartPath training process, implement the resources as prescribed for a minimum of 90 days, complete the following requirements outlined below, and are not satisfied with your results, you will be eligible to receive a full refund of your ACCELERATOR enrollment fee. The refund policy is NOT applicable to any other membership levels. Enrollment fee refunds are processed within 4-8 weeks of verifying eligibility.

Refund Guarantee Eligibility Requirements
To qualify for a refund, you must complete the following 3 steps:
  1. Attain a 100% completion rate on all on-demand study modules inside the SmartPath portal.

  2. Successfully complete all on-demand tests with a passing grade (if applicable to your membership level).

  3. Follow all implementation instructions for a minimum of 90 days after your completion date of the on-demand curriculum.

4 | Redistribution, Intellectual Property, & Non-Disclosure

A. By enrolling in SmartPath you agree to not re-distribute, provide, or sell any SmartPath components or materials to any outside third party. This includes physical & digital distribution by any means - social media, email, digital copies, screen sharing, or otherwise.

Intellectual Property
B. All SmartPath education, training materials, marketing materials, business methods, templates, and tools are the sole property of SMARTPATH.CO LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

C. As an active SmartPath member, you are receiving a limited license to customize and use all SmartPath components for your individual business use.

D. As part of the SmartPath Process, we may learn, obtain, or view non-public information about you, your business, and your employees. We promise not to disclose this information to any outside third party.

E. We do reserve the right to use & disclose reasonable details around your SmartPath enrollment and results for promotional purposes, but these details will not include any private or sensitive information.

F. If you obtain or view any private, sensitive, or proprietary information about another SmartPath Member at any time while being enrolled in SmartPath, you agree to not disclose this information to any outside third party.

5 | Liability Limits & Indemnification
SmartPath provides a membership platform only. LLC, SmartCenter, or any of its' subsidiaries, agents, or employees, CAN NOT and WILL NOT take responsibility for the actions or inactions of our members or the potential liability of those actions or in-actions.

This includes and is not limited to ANY licensing requirements with any federal, state, or local licensing agency, or financial, strategic, or consulting advice given to the client's SmartPath Members.

You acknowledge and agree that the total liability of LLC, SmartCenter, its' employees & agents, is limited solely to the total amount of your initial enrollment fee, based on the eligibility requirements of our refund policy.

6 | Partners
As part of your training, you will see the tools and services provided by outside third-party companies. You will never be required to use these third-party services. If you choose to do so, we may be compensated. Any partner we work with has been strategically chosen because of the value they provide to our community.

"I Acknowledge & Agree"
By my enrollment, I fully understand, acknowledge, and explicitly agree to the terms of this agreement as stated above.

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